Some weird juju I've been painting

I'm having a go at painting on wood. There's a lot more to go...

Run, Raccoon, Run

Sometimes, very, very occasionally, I'll draw something that actually looks exactly the way I imagined it in my head. The drawing below is a mini victory for me because I don't, in some small way, hate it.


Raccoons in NY

Here is a rough for a prospective kids book I'm working on at the moment:


Raccoon City

Patty's Big Adventure

Here are some piccys from my latest addition to Driver Dan's story train on CBBC. I've put a few more up on my website.

© Story Train Distribution
© Story Train Distribution


Poster for sale

I've had a few people asking to buy my poster 'Let go of what you think you know'. So I've just got round to printing a load. You can buy them at Etsy or Big Cartel.