Coming Soon!

The cover for my now COMPLETED booksy. Next step: printing it (hmmm...)


Knighton Festival

My dad has asked me to design some imagery for his festival he's setting up next year in Knighton, Powys. Its going to be a doozy.


Banjo Man

Heres a meaningless picture I drew. Its on IKEA price tag paper hence the perforations. whoop.


Neptune plays the blues

sketch for self published book I'm working on (slowly)


Exhibit time

Here are some pictures I did for the current childrens illustration exhibition at the Nails Gallery in Bristol. They are not about anything I just like drawing animals in clothes.



I went for a walk through the Snuff Mills a couple of days ago, It felt like the first day of spring. When I got back I decided to make it into a picture. I think I just wanted to capture how the light looked.


Hey Hey Hey, Over the Mandrill

R.I.P. John Martyn

Here's a mandrill I painted